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Workplace Injuries Compensation

The worker has two basic routes to recovery for his workplace injuries. He can put a claim through his work for Workers’ Compensation. He also can bring a personal injury claim through the courts. He can do one or both of these. The one thing he cannot do is bring a personal injury action against his employer for negligence. For that he is limited to his Workers’ Compensation remedy. To sue his employer for injuries he must allege intentional misconduct by the employer caused his injuries.

Workers seeking compensation for their injuries are best advised to seek guidance through a workplace injuries attorney. The workplace injuries can greatly facilitate approval of Workers’ Compensation claims and research ways to seek a personal injury action as well for much greater compensation. Workers are urged to contact a personal injury attorney in Irvine skilled in workplace injuries.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

When a worker is injured he may put in a claim for Worker’s Compensation benefits through his employer for work-related injuries. This is a no fault program. He worker is entitled to have his medical bills paid and obtain regular payments for living expenses while he is off. If he his permanently disabled, he may apply for a lump sum pay off. If the Workers’ Comp insurance company rejects his claim, he may seek a hearing with the state Division Workers’ Compensation.

Personal Injury Claims

In addition to Workers’ Comp, the worker may sue parties other than his employer for negligence. For example he may sue the manufacturer of a defective drill he was working on. On a construction site, he could claim against another subcontractor for dropping a beam on him. This affords normal personal injury damages including pain and suffering far exceeding the Workers’ Comp claim in value.

Irvine Workplace Injuries Lawyer

The Law Offices of Arthur R. Hausmann is a workplace injuries law firm serving Irvine, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Anaheim and Santa Ana, California. Arthur R. Hausmann energetically assists workers with the preparation of their Workers’ Comp claims and appears at Workers’ Comp hearings to champion claims that meet resistance. He also thoroughly examines injury circumstances for parties to claim against for personal injuries with full damages.

There are no attorney’s fees until recovery is made.

Contact a Irvine Workplace Injuries Attorney for assistance with workplace injury claims.

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