Working with Conservative Adjusters

Working with Conservative Adjusters

When dealing with an insurance company – especially a large, conservative insurance company – having an experienced Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer on your side can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Here are just two examples:Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer


Negotiating with the Adjuster

An inexperienced personal injury lawyer approaches the negotiating process with blinders on.  He is so convinced of the strength of this case and his power as an attorney, that he doesn’t listen to the adjuster. Instead of actually negotiating, he wastes time and tries the adjuster’s patience with his repeated efforts to persuade the adjuster to see the case his way.


An experienced Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer listens to the adjuster’s arguments, and looks for clues he can use to turn the negotiations in his client’s favor. He will consider the alleged “weaknesses” in the case, and try to see it from the adjuster’s perspective.


This helps the experienced lawyer answer these questions:


  • Is the adjuster correct in her assessment or way off?
  • If negotiations stall, what is the likely cost of a trial?
  •  If the case goes to trial, are we likely to win? How might a jury view the case?
  • Who is defense counsel likely to be? What is his or her reputation as a trial lawyer?


Taking into account these other factors relevant to the particular case, the experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer can make an informed decision about whether to keep negotiating, or to steer the case toward mediation or trial. This decision is particularly important in cases involving large, conservative, national insurance carriers.


Threatening a Lawsuit

Inexperienced personal injury lawyers often do not appreciate the relationship between the adjuster and defense counsel. These lawyers mistakenly believe that the threat of a lawsuit will make the adjuster tremble with fear and send him running to his supervisor for settlement approval. An experienced Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer knows better. The reality is that the premature threat of a lawsuit, more often than not, leads the adjuster to call the lawyer’s bluff and send the file straight to the insurance company’s defense counsel. Invariably, defense counsel will find weaknesses in the case and a number of reasons to reduce the value of the claim. Once defense counsel begins to tighten the screws, the process of resolving the case becomes more complicated, more drawn out, and more expensive. An experienced Costa Mesa personal injury lawyer knows to be patient and to work through the negotiation process, especially in small-to-medium-sized cases.


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