What Do I Need to Do After I’ve Been Injured?

What Do I Need to Do After I’ve Been Injured?

Your Mission Viejo personal injury attorney will advise you that after you have been injured, the most crucial thing you need to do take every measure you can to recover from the injury.  Individuals who have suffered an injury are required by law to “mitigate their damages.” To put it another way, the law states that you must pursue the actions necessary to bring about recovery and improvement.Mission Viejo personal injury attorney

In order to do this, you may need to follow some or even all of the steps listed below:

  • Comply with your physician’s instructions regarding leisure and work activities.  Follow your physician’s advice if he or she says to avoid specific activities, stay away from work, or simply to rest.  Refusing or neglecting to do so can hinder your recovery and may also have detrimental effects on your personal injury case.  The prosecution will be quick to point out your resistance to taking necessary actions to bring about your recovery.  Although you may have valid reasons for worrying about the financial impact of staying out of work, it is vital that you obey you doctor’s recommendations.  Your Mission Viejo personal injury attorney will do everything possible to recover your lost earnings.
  • Comply with your physician’s instructions regarding medical activities.  Follow your physician’s prescriptions, whether for exercise, medication or activity limits.  Again, any failure on your part to comply in this area may hinder your recovery and negatively affect your case, either during settlement negotiations or in court, if your case goes to litigation.
  • Keep every doctor appointment.  Maintain contact with your physician and unless absolutely necessary, and attend every appointment.  If you must cancel an appointment, give your physician plenty of notice.  A physician’s record that contains the words “no show” may be used by the prosecution against you.
  • Keep every physical therapy session.  Not only attend every session, but also actively participate during each session.  A Mission Viejo personal injury attorney knows that physical therapy is often of great help in many “soft tissue” injuries such as sprains and strains—but for such therapy to be effective, your participation is required.  Again, be certain to give as much advance notice as possible if you must cancel an appointment.

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