The Difference Between Fees and Costs

Mission Viejo personal injury lawyerThe fee you pay for your Mission Viejo personal injury lawyer is based on the experience he possesses, as well as the effort, time and work he or she will expend on your case. Other costs encompassed in the fee consist of office overhead, which includes rent, secretarial time, etc. However, your individual case will also involve out-of-pocket costs and expenses, which are in addition to your attorney’s fee.

They may include any or all of the following:

  • Expert reports. You will need to pay the costs incurred obtaining any expert reports that your case requires. This includes the medical reports obtained from hospitals and physicians as well as any other expert. The costs for these reports may range from a couple of dollars to over one hundred dollars.
  • Photography costs. Personal injury cases rely heavily on photographs. You are responsible for the costs your Mission Viejo personal injury lawyer incurs in obtaining and/or enlarging the photos necessary for your case.
  • Telephone costs. Typically, you will be required to pay for the costs of long distance phone calls your Mission Viejo personal injury lawyer makes that involve your case.
  • Photocopy expenses. Your Mission Viejo personal injury lawyer must supply the insurance companies with the large numbers of photocopies they require, including copies of witness statements, police reports, evidence of lost income, medical reports, and medical bills. You will be asked to pay for this expense.
  • Cost of litigation. You will be required to pay for the costs your Mission Viejo personal injury lawyer incurs when filing a lawsuit should your case proceed to litigation.

Are Costs Contingent? If Not, When Should They Be Paid?

The fee your Mission Viejo personal injury attorney charges is contingent upon successful recovery in your case—in other words, you only pay his fee if you obtain a settlement or are successful in court. However, the costs outlined above are not contingent. Because “financing” injury cases is not feasible for a law firm, the law states that a client is responsible for out-of-pocket costs even if his or her case does not reach settlement. Therefore, you need to reimburse your Mission Viejo personal injury attorney for these costs, either as they are incurred before settlement of your case occurs, or after your case concludes.

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