Premises Liability

Irvine Premises Liability Attorney

Compensation for Injuries on Another’s Property

Premises liability occurs when an owner or occupier fails in a duty to maintain property in a safe condition and a visitor is injured. It can occur at homes where swimming pools are not watched or secured from use. It may occur at a store when water is allowed to rest on floors causing customers to slip and fall. It may occur at a construction site where dangerous equipment is left unguarded. Broken glass, faulty railings, dog bites, roof cave-ins, and exposed electrical wires are all sources of premise liability claims.

Premises liability is a complicated area of law. Liability varies according to whether the defendant is an owner or occupier and whether the injured person is a trespasser, invited guest or customer. It is advised to contact an Irvine personal injury lawyer experienced in premises liability lawsuits.

Damages for a Premises Liability Claim

Where liability is established, the injured person is entitled to compensation according to the damages he has suffered. This may include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Hospital Expenses
  • Ambulance Costs
  • Loss of Income
  • Lost Earning Capacity
  • Pain and Suffering

Premises Liability Lawyer in Irvine

The Law Offices of Arthur R. Hausmann provides vigorous representation to clients injured in premises liability accidents in the communities of Irvine, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Anaheim and Santa Ana. In 1984 Arthur R. Hausmann, a former insurance claims executive, opened the law office to serve clients in the area. When he takes on a case, he meets with the client to learn his story and what he needs and wants from the case. The attorney then investigates the accident and with the backing of an experienced team builds his case for liability. After consulting with the client’s physician to learn what care the client will need, he makes every effort to settle the case with the insurance company for fair compensation. If the company refuses to be reasonable, however, he is ready to take the case to court to achieve justice for his client.

He encourages premises accident victims to contact the office for a free case evaluation. There is no fee unless a recovery is made.

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