Personal Injury Lawsuit Basics

Personal Injury Lawsuit Basics

If you suffer a personal injury, a lawsuit may be necessary. An injury lawyer in Anaheim can help explain what you have to do.  The process generally involves five steps: (1) preparation; (2) filing the lawsuit; (3) receiving an answer; (4) discovery; and (5) trial.

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The Five Steps of the Lawsuit Process

1)      In order for your injury lawyer in Anaheim to have a complete understanding of your claim, you will need to discuss your injuries.  Your lawyer may conduct an investigation into the claims and parties involved.After your lawyer gets your story, he will file a Summons and Complaint.


2)      The Summons and Complaint is a formal document filed with the court.After it is filed, it must be served on all individuals or companies that caused your injuries.  The responsible parties are called defendants and you are the plaintiff.


3)      Once the defendants have been served, they generally hire an attorney to represent them and prepare an Answer.  Defendants may also have an insurance company hire the attorney forthem.  The Answer usually denies any responsibility for,andseriousness of, the injuries. Defendants may also seek to bring in other parties who were involved in the accident.


4)      After the lawsuit is filed, discovery begins.  In discovery, both sides seek information from each other.  Discovery is very important for your case.  Discovery usually includes one or more of the following:


a)      Interrogatories – questions that require written answers.

b)      Depositions – oral testimony from a party or witness.  Depositions take place in front of lawyers for both sides and a court reporter, who records everything in a transcript.

c)      Requests for Production of Documents – exchange of documents.  Each side will ask the other for all important documents.  This may include witness statements, doctors’ notes, medical records, photographs and other documents.  If you want to use a document at trial, it must be produced.

d)     Requests for Admission – questions or documents that must be admitted or denied to narrow the facts.


5)      At some point, the parties may try to settle.  If the matter does not settle, then your injury lawyer in Anaheim will prepare for trial.  Trial preparation may involve preparing motions, talking with experts, meeting witnesses and making appearances before the judge.  Once everything is prepared, your case is ready for trial.


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