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Pedestrian-Injury (1)Sometimes our daily routine is taken for granted until something happens to disrupt that process. Pedestrian Injuries are very common and usually result from the party at fault not paying attention to the rules of the road. Many times these actions lead to victim being seriously or fatally injured. Generally, pedestrians have the right of way and if there were signs alerting the driver that pedestrians, children or a school were nearby there may be concern whether the driver made necessary adjustments to avoid an accident. Similarly, if there were malfunctioning signals, missing signs, or otherwise inferior infrastructure the municipality may be at fault.

One in six pedestrian injuries and fatalities are a result of Hit and Run accidents. Pedestrian fatalities are the second-leading cause of vehicle related death. On average, one pedestrian dies in a traffic collision every 101 minutes. Pedestrian injury by nature requires specialized treatment often lasting for life. Pedestrians injured in accidents are urged to contact a personal injury attorney in Irvine practiced in pedestrian accident claims.

Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer in Irvine

The Law Offices of Arthur H. Hausmann provides aggressive representation to pedestrian accident victims in Irvine, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Anaheim and Santa Ana. Since 1984, Arthur R. Hausmann has been providing personalized and result-oriented service to injured clients. He employs medical personnel, paralegals and support staff to insure that clients receive superior legal services.

When he takes on a case, he makes a thorough investigation of the accident. He also consults with the client’s physician to learn what medical care and rehabilitation services the client requires. He then makes every effort to work out a fair settlement with the insurance company. If the company is not willing to be reasonable, he is fully ready to take the case to court to achieve a just result.

Hit and Run Accidents

Where pedestrian is the victim of a hit and run accident, a claim is made on the uninsured motorist coverage of the household. If the pedestrian is killed in the accident, a claim for wrongful death is made for the family. Injured pedestrians are urged to call for a free consultation. There is no fee until a settlement or jury verdict is achieved.

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