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In the United States, the vehicle is a lifestyle – particularly in Orange County. The greater part of us drive or ride in an auto, transport, truck, or other engine vehicle consistently. Notwithstanding, due to how pervasive autos are to our lives, we frequently overlook exactly how hazardous they can be and how regularly genuine auto collisions happen. As indicated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; car crashes are the reason for one passing every 12 to 15 minutes and harm in excess of 2.5 million individuals every year. Our Orange County individual damage lawyers have seen firsthand, that about portion of those harmed leave away with changeless inabilities like mind harm, loss of motion, removal wounds, orthopedic wounds and different genuine illnesses that essentially and adversely influence the lives of crash casualties. In situations where a demise comes about, the relatives of those murdered endure both candidly and, regularly, monetarily.

There numerous contributing elements to the substantial number of auto and engine vehicle mishaps that happen in Orange County. Be that as it may, none are greater than the sheer measure of drivers on the a huge number of miles of roadways and interstates. As indicated by the California Department of Transportation, there are more than 20,771 miles of aggregate roadways, 527 miles of expressway and 382 miles of ordinary parkway in Los Angeles. Furthermore, there are more than 5.8 million enlisted autos and well more than 7.5 million aggregate engine vehicles in Los Angeles county. Fantastically, just 5 STATES have more enlisted vehicles than Los Angeles County and this figure is just going up as 600,000 autos are sold in L.A. consistently. On the normal day, drivers in Los Angeles county drive more than 92 million vehicle miles.

Total Reported Motor Vehicles Collisions

As the populace develops in Orange County and Los Angeles every year, so does the aggregate number of auto crashes. Extrapolated from information gathered from the California Highway Patrol, you can see a breakdown of the number of fatalities.

Auto Accident Fatalities In LA/Orange County From 2010 To 2015

Add up to Fatalities in 2010: 52

Add up to Fatalities in 2011: 46

Add up to Fatalities in 2012: 61

Add up to Fatalities in 2013: 60

Add up to Fatalities in 2014: 69

Add up to Fatalities in 2015: 67

Crunching the numbers…

From 2010 to 2015, there has been an expansion of 1,275 in complete aggregate revealed crashes which is an expansion of 6.02%. For fatalities there has been an expansion of 15 detailed fatalities, which is an expansion of 28.84%!

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