Get a Police Report!

Often times people are convinced that police reports from city and municipal policing agencies are always accurate, believable and complete in every way. This is 100% false in many cases, and the reasons are as varied as the accident numbers themselves. Police try their best to be accurate and responsible but as human beings of course, errors can never be ruled out. I find that in Orange County and in Southern California in particular, the police are being more and more reluctant to even show up at an accident scene unless there is always evidence of “blood and guts”. The truth of the matter is that one never really knows how badly they have been injured at the time of an accident. I have had over half a dozen or more cases where people tried to walk away from an accident, seeking no ambulance or other help, only to find out later that they had broken vertebrae (broken backs)!! What can you do if the police do not show? You have rights.

Correcting Police Report Errors

Some cities will allow you to correct an error be merely going in to the station and asking to make a “counter report”. Always keep the copy and forward it to your lawyer. Incidentally, here is a little tip for the uninitiated: if the desk cop does not want to help ask to see the “Watch Commander”. That is the guy in charge and will let the desk officer know you know more than the average person on the street. And frankly, who wants you going over their heads and complaining to their boss? No one! In most cases that will do the trick and they will let you file your auxiliary report. This will help your lawyer immensely! While it is true that police reports are generally considered “hearsay” and therefore not admissible in their entirety in court, nevertheless, most claims adjusters (I was one for ten years) put a great deal of credibility into what they say. Save yourself a lot of hassle and MAKE THAT COUNTER REPORT as soon as possible…you will thank me for it!

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