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Defective Product Compensation

Defective products are constantly in the news. They can range from defective gas pedals in cars to children’s toys with toxic paint to asbestos building insulation causing cancer to drugs for pregnant mothers that result in birth defects. The list is endless. Establishing liability for defective products can be complex and requires legal knowledge, experience and commitment on the part of the attorney. Persons injured by defective products are urged to contact an Irvine personal injury attorney skilled in defective products litigation.

Defective Drugs

There are increasing reports of defective drugs on the market. It has come to light that some drug manufacturers have deliberately suppressed reports of side effects in testing to win Food and Drug approval for their products. Drugs under particular scrutiny are anti-depressants and drugs designed to control children’s behavior and get them to focus in school. Reports are widespread of such drugs causing mood swings, violent behavior and suicidal thoughts.

Grounds for Liability

There are three main theories to support liability for defective products. On a negligence theory, the claimant proves that the manufacturer or designer of a product did not use reasonable care. Under the breach of warranty theory, it is shown that manufacturer promised a particular benefit and it was not delivered or failed to warn of a hazard. The promises can be express where the manufacturer actually makes a promise in its promotion. The promise can be implied where it is inherent in the product. For instance, there is an implied warranty that a vacuum cleaner will actually pick up dirt from rugs. Finally there is the strict liability theory where upon showing a dangerous result, the manufacturer is held accountable without the necessity of showing further proof of wrongdoing.

Defective Products Lawyer in Irvine

The Law Offices of Arthur R. Hausmann serves the communities of Irvine, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Anaheim and Santa Ana with relentless prosecution of defective products claims. Arthur R. Hausmann is an experienced attorney who opened the office in 1984. He is well versed in defective products law and possesses the resources and determination to take on big corporations and make them pay for the damage they are causing.

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