Brain Injuries

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Brain injuries can occur in a wide variety of circumstances. They may occur on the football field, in car, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accidents, falls off of ladders and injuries at birth. Brain injuries damage the nerves of the brain and can result in loss of mental ability, inability to feel, paralysis, coma and death. Understanding the brain is critical to a lawyer presenting a brain injury case to a jury. Claimants are therefore urged to contact a personal injury lawyer in Irvine experienced in handling brain injury cases.

Brain Injuries at birth

Some births are quite traumatic for the baby. Where a mother has a small or irregular pelvis, the baby can get stuck in the birth canal and be cut off from oxygen. This can cause cerebral palsy. Such injuries should be anticipated by the doctor with a Caesarean section performed.


When the head is hit hard in an accident, the brain is shaken up and nerves are damaged. This can result in temporary loss of consciousness with lessened mental and muscular ability. It is important that persons suffering concussions be allowed time to recover. There is concern that football players and other athletes suffering concussions are sometimes returned to action too soon. It has also been recommended by pediatricians that younger children play flag football and that older football players have fewer full-contact practices per week to limit the number of hits to the head over a short period of time.

Irvine Brain Injuries Attorney

The Law Offices of Arthur R. Hausmann is a brain injury law firm serving the Irvine, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Anaheim and Santa Ana communities. Arthur R. Hausmann has served the area since 1984. He is knowledgeable about the brain and the damage that can be caused to it in accidents, sports and births. When he takes on a case he has the client fully checked out for brain damage. Where present he investigates to establish the liability of the responsible party and care required to heal it. He then presses the insurance company to reach a fair settlement of damages for medical expenses, hospitalization, loss of income, loss of future earning capacity and pain and suffering.

The client pays no fees until recovery is made.

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