A Personal Injury Lawyer in Newport Beach Discusses Supporting Your Claim With Facts

personal injury lawyer in Newport BeachTo maximize the amount you can recover from a personal injury claim, you will want to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach.

Oftentimes, injured individuals make claims for damages from their insurance carriers based on emotional arguments and testimony from loved ones as to how much they have suffered. However, as your personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach can tell you, insurance carriers are rarely ever moved to settle based on emotional pleas. Instead, they typically look for cold, hard facts such as medical bills, documented loss of income, and other significant proof of damages.

Your personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach will want you to remember that explanations and complaints of pain and suffering without any real evidence behind them are hard to quantify and often ignored by these insurance carriers.

A Tale of Two Injured Car Passengers

As an example, let’s say that Frank and Ramona are both backseat passengers in the same car. They were both similarly injured by a rear-end collision.

After the accident, Frank went to see his doctor and was prescribed six weeks of physical therapy. During this time, Frank also missed work for two weeks. His medical bills and physical therapy cost about $5,000. He lost about $3,000 in wages. After six months, he is almost completely recovered.

Ramona also went to see her doctor. It was recommended that she see a specialist and also go through physical therapy. But after visiting a chiropractor a few times, Ramona decides to suffer through the pain and go to work without any further physical therapy. As a result, Ramona only misses two days of work, but she is in considerable pain, as her friends, family, and even coworkers attest to the insurance carrier. Her medical bills only cost about $500 and her lost wages were also $500.

So, as your personal injury attorney in Newport Beach might ask you, who do you think will receive a larger settlement from the insurance carrier: Frank and his well-documented damages or Ramona who has her friends and family vouching for her?

As your personal injury lawyer in Newport Beach will tell you, it should be obvious that Frank stands to collect more from the insurance carrier. While he and Ramona suffered the same injuries, the documentation of his injuries is much more concrete to the insurance carrier.

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