A Personal Injury Lawyer in Mission Viejo Explains What Happens to the Defendant

What Happens to the Defendant After My Injury?

personal injury lawyer in Mission ViejoTypically, at some point after the accident, the insurance company involved will contact the defendant, i.e., the individual(s) or company you believe are liable for the injuries you suffered. Either during that initial contact or at subsequent meetings, the individual(s) or company representative will give the insurance adjuster reports and statements pertaining to the incident. Your personal injury lawyer in Mission Viejo is aware that more than likely, those reports and statements are recorded and written transcripts are prepared.

Once the initial investigation performed by the insurance company is completed, your personal injury lawyer in Mission Viejo knows that the insurance company and the tortfeasor(s) (those responsible for your injury) typically maintain very little contact, unless the case involves medical malpractice where more communication is required. Therefore, the tortfeasor(s) will usually have little knowledge of how the case is progressing day by day. Their daily lives will proceed normally, and they will probably hope that your case is settled without any requirement of their further involvement.

If My Case Is Not Settled, What Happens to the Defendant?

The defendant, or tortfeasor(s), will again be contacted by the insurance company if a settlement is not reached by the company and you and your personal injury lawyer in Mission Viejo. Your personal injury lawyer in Mission Viejo will initiate the litigation process, and the insurance carrier will hire a defense attorney to represent and defend the tortfeasor(s), who will then need to meet and cooperate with the defense attorney and participate in the lawsuit.

Your should be aware that when your personal injury attorney in Mission Viejo begins litigation, the lawsuit will not be brought against the insurance company. Although the insurance company is responsible for paying the verdict or settlement, the lawsuit will be brought against the defendant, or tortfeasor(s).

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