Low Impact Trauma can be Damaging, too!

Many people (especially the insurance people) will tell you repeatedly that you cannot be hurt in a low impact case. That is nonsense! The facts are that property damage to a car is neither a valid predictor of acute injury risk nor of symptom duration, as the insurance industry would like you to believe. After reviewing all the available literature, the highly recognized and universally accepted team of Croft and Freeman (2005) concluded as much in their analysis in their analysis of low velocity car accident to any of three categories including:

1.) risk
2.) injury severity and lastly
3.) duration of lasting symptoms

They did so using current acceptable scientific research and statistical assessment of the results. They (Croft and Freeman) concluded that a substantial number of injuries are often reported in crashes of severity that are unlikely to result in large car damage. They concluded that car damage does not operate as a valid predictor of acute injury risk and it likewise does not indicate the duration of the injury. The insurance chiropractors working the defense are almost always loathe in quoting the findings of Croft and Freeman because this runs completely counter to what they would have you believe and what they have been trying to convince the public for years.

If you have been injured in a low impact car accident, truck accident or any other motor vehicle related accident and would like to seek compensation for your injuries then you should consult with an Irvine personal injury attorney from our firm today. Do not let those insurance companies take advantage of you, contact our firm for the experienced representation your case deserves.